Ace X Friends Produces Skateboarding Video Starring Tislam Smith

Dose, the skateboarding media wing of Ace x Friends, has been increasingly producing its own videos. Our original content in this realm has been a success so far, but we are particularly happy with the most-recent video that we have debuted on Dose’s website. It features Los Angeles skater Tislam Smith and it reflects on his experience growing up skating in LA.

If you are not familiar, Los Angeles is a hub of skateboarding, and was integral to the birth of the skateboarding community. Tislam is a talented skater, and he also happens to be a minority, even in a diverse city like LA, as a black man. In the video produced by Dose, Smith touches on this, and the importance of diversity in the skateboarding community.

Smith was a great video subject, and the videography done by Dean Singleton is also fantastic. Ace x Friends has an increasing presence in the world of direction and video production, even beyond the realms of skateboarding. We feel like this video, in addition to being an interesting look at Tislam Smith, is a sterling example of what Ace x Friends can do, and what we will be doing going forward. Please enjoy “Growing Up in Los Angeles as a Skateboarder” from Dose, which you can watch on Dose’s YouTube page right now.


PRODUCTION Ace x Friend Media
SKATER Tislam Smith
DOP / EDITOR Dean Singleton