Dose Magazine Partners With Jack & Jones for New Skateboarding Video

Ace X Friends Media has been proving what we can do in the realm of video production over at Dose Magazine, our skateboarding website. As we have noted in previous missives, our original video output has been increasing considerably. We also personally feel that each video is getting better than the last. Recently, Dose spent time with Rubens, a 22-year-old skater new to Berlin, to visit some iconic skate spots in the city we call home.

Rubens was born in Brazil, moved to Spain, and now works as a freelance filmmaker in Berlin. He is the kind of world traveler and explorative mind that we like having around and showcasing. Rubens is only beginning to make his impact in the world, and we at Ace X Friends will be able to say we were in on the ground floor. Not only that, but we also partnered with the fashion brand Jack & Jones in the video. As you can tell, Rubens is wearing some of Jack & Jones’ gear in the video. These are the sort of collaborations that can make our business thrive going forward.

This video is a perfect microcosm of what we want to do at Dose, and what we want to do in the big picture at Ace X Friends Media. It’s creatively worthwhile, thanks to our efforts in the realm of video production, but also involves rewarding partnerships with skaters and brands. This is also the kind of work we could be doing for you as a brand, if you are so interested in getting in business with us.


PRODUCTION Ace x Friend Media
SKATER Rubens dos Santos Ruiz