Dose Collaborates With Skullcandy for Latest Video

If we’re being honest, we here at Ace X Friends Media feels like our latest video from Dose is our best. As you may know, Dose is our skateboarding website, and we are creating more and more original videos for the brand. We have collaborated with some great skaters, and some great companies, and this might be our best collaboration yet, in part because it is for a good cause.

We have produced and directed a video featuring skater Deo Katunga. Katunga is more than a skater, though. As you will see in the video, he is also a comedian. This will likely not be our last collaboration with a comic. While our editing and production work related to skateboarding has been showcased extensively, we also feel that we can showcase comedy in our video direction as well.

While we are happy with how the video turned out, we are just as happy that we got to collaborate with Skullcandy for the video as well. Skullcandy calls themselves the original lifestyle audio brand, and they are certainly one of the biggest audio companies in the world. During the COVID-19 crisis, they have undertaken a campaign called “Mood Boost.” Every month they are collaborating with artists, athletes, and more to highlight the mood of the month. They are also selling limited edition merchandise each month and putting a portion of the sales toward benefiting To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization that helps with treatment and recovery for people dealing with issues such as addiction and depression.

The mood for July, as showcased in our video, is “Strong,” and the color of the month is “Strong Red.” We were happy to be able to use our video production skills to help support what Skullcandy is doing. Ace X Friends Media hopes to be able to do similar collaborations in the future. If your company has a cause you want to get the word out on, clearly we can help you make that happen. Thanks again to Skullcandy and Deo Katunga for their part in Dose’s latest video. Watch the video, enjoy, and consider us for your future video production.


PRODUCTION Ace x Friend Media
SKATER Deo Katunga
DIRECTOR Deo Katunga